Who I am and why I am here….

Why would you care?

I grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley when orchards ruled the landscape. I have seen this valley change over a long period of time and, of course, I have opinions about that. I also believe that this valley and in particular, my home in the valley, The Orchard City, Campbell has become a destination of choice for valley folks of all ages. I like that. Campbell is a great place to be from and to go to. Letting people know that, promoting local businesses (including mine) and having a place to let people know what I think is why I am here. I may drift into what some call tangentially relevant topics at times but I promise to try and make it interesting.

Over the course of the next year it is my intent to connect with people. Regardless of your political persuasion, where you are from, how you were raised, your social or environmental consciousness, people are social creatures. We all have wants, needs and desires. I have decided to express mine and share those of others that I find interesting, compelling, ridiculous, uncommon, whatever. When it’s all said and done, I hope I can be remembered as being thoughtful, helpful and a contributing member of this thing we call the human race.

I hope you stop by and decide to come back.


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