Water tower life

So, eventually you need to know not only who I am but what I do. My objective in life is to be a connector. If we have ever been acquainted, know each other socially or have done business together (i’ll get to that) and you have a need of any kind and are not sure how to best manage it, I want to be the first person you think to call. When you call, my response will be one of two possibilities.

First is “I got a guy…” and the second is “Let me make a call or two and I will find you the best person to discuss this”. Ultimately, if I can successfully connect people then my business will grow organically. What is my business? Well, in simple terms I sell real estate. I am a real estate broker. That does not even scratch the surface of what I really do. My real mission is bringing about moves in a persons life that accentuate their goals as relates to their lifestyle and financial success.

Mine is a referral business. I work hard to provide an experience on the tactical aspects of buying or selling real estate assets that is not only expertly handled but is eloquent. This part of the experience is important but it is not what I consider my “whole offer”. Getting to know my clients deeply leads to an understanding of who they are, why they want what they want, how will this particular move affect their long term goals financially and allows me to bring innovative thought and recommendations to the table for serious consideration. I can speak intelligently on investments and retirement planning because I made it a priority to study for, take and pass the Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination. While I don’t advise on these topics, the knowledge enables me to work coherently with a clients wealth managers and financial advisers. I can speak the same language, overcome what I call “competing pocket syndrome” and make this particular move turn out from a fiscal perspective.

Let’s take an example. Schools are very important to homeowners. Which district has the best schools? Which school in that district is the best? Are the schools impacted? Most people are not aware that the measurement of school performance is changing. Our old metric, API or Academic Performance Indicator is no longer being used. 2012/2013 is the last year of actual testing results for that metric. New standards called CAASPP or California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress is replacing API. The shift is dramatic in scope. I work closely with the Superintendent of the Campbell Union School District so I can add value to my clients looking for real information about schools. I also work to help the district by volunteering and helping to locate and engage resources for their STEAM effort. Real world learning for students early in their education.

This has become a bit of a tome and that is not my intent. Suffice to say that while I am always working to help someone buy or sell a home, what I am really doing is being meaningfully engaged, intimately involved and striving to make that persons goals and objectives come true. My heart is in Campbell, what I call Water Tower Territory, but I can be found throughout Silicon Valley and on the Peninsula helping people connect and achieve. You can find me online at: orchard city homes (expect a new look and feel soon), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find me in the real world at The Pruneyard.



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