Hello dream reader….

Okay, maybe it’s an obvious title. Yes, I am running with the WordPress herd. This whole thing is new and I am learning just how easy it is to get off track. Or, if you are a glass half empty kind of thinker, just how hard it is to make blogging a part of your DNA. So, for all of you who are honest and find that life can be hard to take a day at a time, this is for you.

I made a commitment to complete the Blogging 101 exercise with y’all. Without burdening you too much, after a fun start and some good feedback, life was still happening (divorce, flu, etc…) and all of a sudden a week and half had gone by and guess what? That’s right, I failed.

To some that can sound harsh…I failed. But to me, failure is just another part of life. If I am not failing then I am not reaching, trying to do something I have never done, committing to Ingwaz or the actualization of my potential.

I hear too often the cliches that surround success and failure. Flash news break…. LIFE IS NOT A CLICHE! Embrace your experiences, use them to feel what happens and how it affects the way you think and act. If I will become that which I want to become, I must do things that are uncomfortable, that scare me and that may result in failing.

I know there are some who will say this is arrogant. You know what? It is. My life is too important and I have important work to do that will impact the world as others see and live within it, to not move forward even if I am scared. I spent a large part of my life living in quiet desperation and the result didn’t change anything for anyone. I’m done living in the background. I will have an impact.

To all my fellow Bloggin101’ers, don’t count me out. I have stumbled but have risen from my knees to start moving forward again. Thanks for being there.

If you want to see an example of committing and then potentially failing badly but experiencing something close to bliss if succeeding watch the video.


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