How blogging leads to reminiscing

I left a comment on a cool blog today and I was struck by just how much I have forgotten. I grew up the the Silicon Valley before there was Silicon. There was more open space and orchards then. Walnuts, prunes, plums just to name a few. I grew up in The Orchard City, Campbell, CA and remain in the area today. I used to walk to school in Kindergarten, at least a half mile away, and there was never a second thought about it. I walked with friends and kids of all primary school age did the same.

A child of the 70’s I discovered skateboarding and my infatuation soon turned to bruises, scabs and broken bones. I loved it but started to realize that falling on concrete really hurt. That is when I found surfing. My first true love in life. Nothing else mattered. I got good, I traveled and surfed up and down the state, Mexico, Hawaii. Never made it off the continent though and wish I had. I was convinced I would be dead by 30 as a result of big wave surfing somewhere in the world. Then life began to happen. Falling in love with a girl, getting married, having a child, getting crushed in the race to make a life and career work…. Surfing never ended, it just sort of de-materialized from my life.

I remember, now, selling my last surfboard at a garage sale. The guy who bought it was super stoked. It was a Bruce Jones  8′ 6″ semi-longboard that had nice hard rails and clean rocker. It worked in any conditions. I vaguely remember thinking “well, that’s the end of that”.

Today I was taken back. Leaving that comment opened my memory banks. I must admit it makes me a bit misty. But you know what? It makes me feel good, I had great experiences. Even better, my life isn’t over and I will be back in the ocean.

Take a trip down memory lane, it does a heart good.


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