The unnatural act of waffling

I find inspiration to write in many different places which means I also read a lot. Someone I read regularly (like daily) is Seth Godin. I am not suggesting that he is the end all when it comes to self discovery but his messages usually contain very insightful glimpses into the way the world, people, tribes and individuals behave. His blog today is excellent and until I read it had sort of numbed myself to just how much waffling takes place in my efforts to produce my art and ship my product, whatever that may be at the time. It is truly unusual to get a real, honest commitment that is delivered by someone who will stand behind its outcome.

We hear it every day, from the likes of people that you know and respect and that really do produce good works. We have come to expect a lack of ownership, of responsibility to the point that it feels weird when you actually own your commitments.

I say, stay weird. Own what you do, the commitments you make and be the example of what is missing in most organizations and businesses.


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