Controlled chaos

I think this may be my first weekend post.

This last week was a good one for my blogging work. Multiple posts, varying subjects, increased likes and followers. I’m not in this to measure the followers or likes but that seems to be the way it’s done. I’m writing this blog so I can express myself, as an outlet for my art, whatever form it takes. I’m here to connect and grow my business as well.

I felt there was more in me that needed an outlet and so far this site is working. I thought I would let the folks who have followed me or liked previous posts know a bit more about me.

I have been an avid women’s volleyball fan since my daughter started playing in middle school and then got serious playing club volleyball at 12. She had heart, and skills and was so committed that it took very little for me to get behind it. It was an expensive pastime. There are essentially two tiers in club, at least in our area as governed by the NCVA. My kid played at the upper level, called “power league” from day 1. This meant a higher club membership cost, more travel time and the league tournaments tended to be as much as 3 to 4 hours drive. We played in Las Vegas, Reno, Washington State, Baltimore and a number of other locations. I really got into it, heart, soul and wallet.

The girls on the team my daughter played for always counted on my being at every event, and I was. The big tournaments might have as many as 140 courts set up for teams in the 12, 14, 16 and 18 year old brackets. Then they split into am and pm waves to manage the controlled chaos that comes from an average of 10 girls per team, times the hundreds of teams that signed up to play.

I would walk into a convention center hall, one of several supporting the big tournaments and the many tens of thousands of square feet was nothing but volleyball nets, crammed in as tight as possible. As far as you could see, volleyballs flying around during drills,  prematch warm-ups,  and match play. All you can hear are shouts of players during matches,  whistles being blown by the officials, cheering and the constant din of conversation.

My daughter plays at the collegiate level now as a junior at a peninsula college in the bay area. She now coaches at the club level. I write this today because, it being February, it’s club season. I haven’t seen my daughter play since her season ended at college. It’s a fall sport.

Last weekend I decided I needed a volleyball fix. It happened to be the league #1 tournament for my daughters club team and it was happening at the San Jose Convention Center. So I went. First serve at 8am, it was raining pretty hard.  I packed a camp chair, threw some snacks and fruit, water bottles and my tablet into a backpack and was at the center by 730am. It was a super trip down memory lane and I was so impressed to see my daughter as a coach.  I mentioned this in a previous post.

It was great, I knew I would be doing more spectating to help me get through the doldrums between fall seasons when I get to watch my kid play. This sport has been an integral part of her becoming an outstanding young woman, developing commitment,  heart and staying power (they don’t always win).

Today I am heading up to the San Mateo Convention Center, one of many playing sites for the NCVA/No Dinx Presidents Day tournament. This is one of the big ones. There will be 86 teams at this site, morning and evening waves. We are in the evening wave starting at 3pm. I plan to get my fix. Just to give some scale, below is a picture from last weekends league tournament.  There were only 7 courts.

Thanks to all who take the time to read here. Just to let you know I am working on a short story that I will post before the end of March. Have a great holiday weekend!



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