Growing a new company

To all of my followers, likes and to those who read this post. It is no secret that one of my objectives with this blog is to connect and grow my business. That business is Real Estate. In 2013 I aligned my brand, Orchard City Homes, with two young, bold and very motivated business men. They founded Mainstream Real Estate Group in Campbell. I have committed to help grow this company and progress is being made.

Mainstream outgrew the office configuration of our Pruneyard Tower 1 marquee space last year and it was remodeled to add 10 new seats. Since the first of this year we have filled 3 of them.


I am very proud to let all my readers know about our expansion into Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz was my stomping ground in the heady surfing days of my youth. Something I am diligently working to bring back. Even though my home and heart are in Campbell, The Orchard City, Santa Cruz is like a second home for me.

So, while I am talking about business today, if you look at my posts in the past you will know that is not the only focus of this outlet for me. Today it is.

If anyone out there needs any help with Real Estate questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. I can be found here.

Here’s to making 2015 a great year!


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