Determination in the face of adversity… or why I choose to sing and dance

Okay, It’s official.

February has been the worst month I have just about ever had. Down for a week with the flu after super bowl, just getting back to normal when I get hit with pink eye and another infection that is, well, just too much info to discuss.

I mean really, how much does one person have to deal with?

Faced with all this bullshit (trust me, a bad case of pink eye will make you want to scoop your eyes out with a melon baller) I felt like punting and chalking up February to a lost cause. But that’s not me. At least that’s not who I think I am. And if I think that’s not me, then it’s not me.

So, rise above. Grip determination by the balls and go to work.

Result: 1 new listing, a buyer that remains in contract with my partner despite multiple delays in lending due to a refinance boom, two new opportunities with a wonderful trust attorney referral source and a call from someone in the past who wants my help convincing an owner of a duplex to sell their property. The interesting thing is this blast from the past had a choice to call a family member who is well known in the business. All of this in the course of 2 and a half weeks when I am operating at less than 50% efficiency and energy.

Everyone of us has a choice in how we deal with the bullshit that life throws our way. I am not trying to say “look at me, I am invincible and you should be too”. What I am saying is, regardless of what is going on, exercise your will against the circumstances. It’s not easy, often it feels like it’s just not worth it. In the end you will respect yourself and feel unbelievably good about choosing to try rather than laying down and giving up. Even if you fail.

Here is a nice piece by Seth Godin that helped withe my circumstances (not just the title of this entry).

Go and have a great day by choice.


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