When medical science goes wrong

Maybe the title is a bit strong. From my last post you may know I got hit by a couple different issues in the month of February. The standard cold/flu bug that was going around did part two on me and then the pink eye.

Well, I am not a hypochondriac and generally don’t go to the doctor unless it’s necessary. I think the western world and in particular the US has delivered modern miracles to the world in the area of medicine and medical treatment.

In my case (at least the pink eye one) I took my issues to the doctor, he diagnosed it correctly and prescribed antibiotic eye drops to be used every 3 hours while awake. I diligently followed the instructions. When my eyes didn’t recover as my doc projected I let him know. He was very concerned and sent me to an Ophthalmologist today.

I am not allergic to any medicines I am aware of, never have been. Turns out the drops I have been using (EVERY 3 HOURS!!!!) caused a non allergic negative reaction which made my eyes worse. So essentially I have been poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick every 3 hours but the infection has been gone for days.

New anti-inflammatory eye drops prescribed, I hope I am on my way back to normal (one dose and it already feels better).

My point? Just because you don’t think it’s the medicine causing the problem doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Pay attention to your body and communicate with your doctor if he/she is open to it. Mine uses email and we talk regularly between checkups. We have a great gift in what we can receive in terms of diagnosis and treatment but never assume that because a doctor or prescription label says so that will be 100 % true. Stay healthy!


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