Okay, time to get back on track… or it’s good to be reminded I am in a people business

Well, February was a tough month physically, personally and professionally. It feels like the journey back to prosperity is under way but some professional things I am working on remind of times past and the emotional state of clients in dire straights. For a number of years I helped homeowners in financial distress negotiate the loss of their home in the most graceful manner possible and protecting them to the extent possible from taxes, deficiency and other collections that could happen as a result of that loss. Financial conditions have recovered and the economy is growing, although slowly, and housing has recovered from the worst of the downturn.

I am learning there are still people who need my help. I am now connected with a man who exemplifies character, integrity, grit, patriotism and just about every other adjective you can think of to describe someone who in all ways is a good person.

This man has done everything possible over the course of 5+ years to save his home and has been turned down every step of the way. Now he sees that hope for cooperation is futile and is resigned to have to sell the home he so desperately wanted to keep.

We were connected through a real estate attorney I know and work with on any kind of legal matter regarding real property. There are so many issues involved that we have to be very careful and specific in how we manage this process. It’s not a job for a traditional Realtor. It’s not “post a sign and wait for offers and get it closed and get paid”.

I have been recalled to times past. When I first began working with distressed homeowners I took on their emotional state. I lost sleep over how I might be able to help them and what might happen if I couldn’t. I dealt with so many of them that I soon became able to disconnect from that, to stay objective but not take on their emotions. That helped me be able to manage the significant numbers of people I was helping.

Now I have one. One person, one situation and it’s heartbreaking. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be reminded that behind every piece of business I manage there is a person that is emotionally involved. Good, bad or otherwise, the people who I work with are my business, not the house I am trying to sell for them.


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