The joy of writing… or loving what you do regardless of results.


So, I am sitting on my patio on Saturday, laptop in hand and the flow is happening.

This year I made a commitment to write. I started this blog.  Committed to writing a short story before the end of the first quarter. Well, the blog is getting posts pretty regularly,  finding it’s place and voice and I finished the story. Two parts have been posted here and the final part goes up on Tuesday next week. A good friend with a degree in literature is editing for me as well providing valuable feedback to help me develop as a writer. It feels good to have done something I set out to do.

I am excited enough that I have an idea for a series of novels loosely based on the character in my short story. I wrote out the idea, developed the concept and location, it can be something that will provide a significant outlet to develop my art.

So, back to Saturday on my patio. I am writing, trying to let my mind go, put myself into the character and draft an opening chapter to the first book. I am in the zone and I can feel it. Everything is flowing and there are no distractions. I am in the moment, fully present and that does not come often for me.

I am about 2500 words in when I notice that as I am typing there are no more words appearing on the screen. My computer (which is new by the way) has frozen.

Try as I might, and I am pretty experienced with computers, I cannot bring it back. I think about the last time I pressed the save icon and can’t recall where I was in the flow.

A restart and recovery effort doesn’t help. I load the last saved version and most of my 2500+ words are gone. Well, I get pissed, angry and feel cheated.

I try to relocate to a park and recapture what I had going but it’s not the same. It produces some good work but it just doesn’t feel the same. I leave writing behind for the day and watch some NCAA Elite Eight.

This morning I wake up, start some coffee, start to think about the day and the first thing I think about is writing.

When I was in that moment yesterday, I was free. None of the other things in life had the weight that they normally bring with them.

That’s when it hits me. The joy of writing. I have found something that I always had but didn’t exercise. A muscle that is starting to have blood flow through it again. It feels good to feel good.

So, regardless of what your art or work is, get into it. Let it take you to a place that nothing else can. When you do, you will produce awesome, authentic  and real results.

Even if you lose some of what you create, you’ll be better off.



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