The wisdom of youth

Easter weekend. Things haven’t been great lately (notice a lack of posts?). I took good Friday off and planned to just turn everything off (except NCAA basketball and the Dub’s).

Friday I got a call and had to meet someone for a business requirement Saturday at noon. Okay, I accept the responsibility but it does kind of put a kink in the day if you’re planning on doing nothing, right? I get up Saturday and barely get into my doing nothing when I have to get ready to go meet this person. What should be a 20 minute appointment for an appraisal turns into an hour+ because he is talkative, nice guy but I didn’t prepare an exit plan for an overtalker. I didn’t care that his wife wants him to paint his baseboards. My self talk is getting the better of me and I can feel that old monster negativity settling in, planning to ride out the weekend.

Done with that, head home, watch NCAA until a little after 5 when I get a call from my daughter. Now, I was expecting this call because I asked her to connect with me so we can catch up. She’s busy, head coach of a club volleyball team, collegiate honors academic in psychology and business, athletic scholarship athlete, basically she is crushing life and loving it. Not the kid she once was and I couldn’t be more proud.

In short we had what I expected to be a 10 minute talk turn into over an hour and she put my in my place, with love. It was emotional, but I realized just how sad sack I had become. In her honesty, she helped me to recall promises I had made but not kept, how she felt she had missed much of what should have been a great life together with me. She also confessed there were aspects of her life that she felt she had let herself down. We never got to surf together, something that was a driver in my life until I got caught up in the raising a family and corporate ladder climbing hamster wheel. As a result I didn’t take very good care of myself. While I am healthier today and for the last 2 years than I had been for the prior 15+ I realized that I am still young. Mid point is not the end.

We both made a promise to each other when we ended that call, and we both kept it when we checked in on Sunday. The wisdom of youth helped to center me, helped to put my perspective back into line and provided a willingness for my spirit and body to make changes. My promise was to get back to the gym in the morning. My alarm is now set for 5am daily and today was day 2. The picture below is of the moon setting over the Water Tower in Downtown Campbell, I saw this on my way HOME from the gym Easter morning, thinking about how I had kept my promise. Pretty sweet.



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