Are you running from or running to?


Frustration, disappointment, failure and often, even success, can invite our inner voice to start questioning who we are, what we are doing.

Am I just grinding out the work I have been assigned or am I doing something meaningful? Something that will make a difference for me? For the world? (that is never too big a question to ask)

Self talk and self doubt usually leads to thoughts of changing something. Snap decisions based on an emotional experience, even a stretch of bad days and experiences are seldom grounded.

One question that may help is if you are thinking of running, are you running from something or running to something?

Change can sometimes be the right answer but make sure you are asking the right questions. If you are, then leap. You may grow into the next stage of your personal greatness.


6 thoughts on “Are you running from or running to?

  1. Awesome post. Running from pain and discomfort is what most people do, I think. It’s so prohibitive though. We should all run toward something, some goal that is worthy of our time and effort.

  2. Pretty good post. I think it is a muser. The next question would be “Do you really want to be successful? Why are you afraid of success?”

    I think there are more people afraid of success than failure.

    • Agreed. An interesting river of thought. What is success for you? For me? In general? Is it riches, happiness, two cars? Personally, as least partly, I see it as leading a fulfilling life. Finding your place in the world and being able to create something that is meaningful. There is still plenty of what I just wrote that can be parsed. I am sure the proverbial dead horse exists in here somewhere. My recent experience is one of coming through a dark period and but wondering if I made it out too late to feel like I can now rise from the ashes (so to speak). I am currently successful (depending on what measure) but still feel like I want to change something. The running from or running to came out of a conversation discussing that desire for change.

      • I used to idolize money. I sometimes wonder why I woke up so late. What I idolize should be despised. We are not entitled to anything but society certainly tries to push these illusions.

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