The recurring theme of life… it keeps happening no matter what you’re experiencing


This may seem like somewhat of a repeat theme, I’m not sure.

Have you ever noticed that we commonly default to a position of “when I’m done with…” or “As soon as this happens I will….”?

Why are we compelled to not do the things we consider important to us when the tactical demands of day to day life get in the way? Is this a question of our ability to distinguish urgent from important or something deeper?

I fall victim to this to regularly and I actually think about it and make corrections. What about those who are not as tuned in to their lives as I am to mine?

From observation I am concluding that this is a psychological and physiological condition that comes with being human. We will neglect something important to us (notice that my last post was 9 days ago? I have declared writing is important to me) when urgency presents itself (I had the responsibility to manage a very difficult piece of business but I could still have found time to write – there was not 9 days worth of work that had to be done).

Remember you are human and subject to the distractions of life but also remember that you can choose just how distracted you become and still make the important a priority over the urgent (it’s likely a lesson you will need to relearn on a regular basis, but worth the effort).

Go out and create something today.


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