Knowing what you want and publicly committing to it, then take daily action


In my constant work to improve, I thirst for knowledge. Where I often lack ambition is in the doing. I recently started working through a goals planning program. Once the dreaming, distilling and discovering why is done, the program is 12 weeks of daily work on just four specific goals. Yes, just four.

When the talent is there to increase the quantity then it’s okay to do more. But of far more importance is creating a program that I will be committed to every day. One in which each goal is specific, big enough to be hard to obtain but grounded in a monumental importance to me. Otherwise I won’t act and I won’t be disciplined. The program says most fail in the third week. This is not easy for me to do but I am making a public commitment that I will not fail completing this program.

By the end of this week, Sunday May 24th I will have worked through and established my four goals. Then the actual work begins. Honestly there is a sense of relief that I have stated I will do this, there is a plan to work through and I need only to do something each day towards each of four goals. Everything else will fall into place.

It feels good. Pick something you know you want to do, that’s important to you and then chip away at it daily for just 12 weeks and see what kind of progress you make. I will update mine in this forum.


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