My story is one of a journey through life. Born in the 60’s, a child of the 70’s, learning to be an adult in the 80’s, creating obligation and life pressure in the 90’s and finally waking up in the 21st century to realize that I had no idea how I ended up with what I had. Much was good, but more was not. Call it the cycle of life or whatever but now, in the 2nd decade of this new millennium, I am more awake than when I was learning to surf in the 70’s. I have lived, failed, found a way to start again. My mission is to be a connector. Bring people together that would otherwise not have the opportunity for the betterment of both. Along the way, I sell real estate, shoot guns, love to cook and eat and guess what… I am making my way back into the surf. I hope you come back.


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