A day in the life 2015 – #1

Okay, I mentioned that this blog will contain tangential subjects and this post is one of them. As I move through the year I’d like to capture what I am working on, feeling, dealing with, etc. and write it down, even if it’s not pen and paper (which I feel guilty about but that’s another tangent). So, I am not a New Year Resolution setter but I do have things I want to change or accomplish. All my life I have been told I write well but have never made a point to sit down and write. My one commitment for the year that is scary and that I will not run away from is… I will write. Don’t know what it will be, how it will come about but there are specific goals which I may discuss at some point. Expect another tangential series that is dedicated to writing. This day in the life thing is to help me capture stream of consciousness as well as explore what I do, when I did it and look back at the end of the year and think about what happened. Today I viewed a presentation on story structure originally presented in 201 at BYU. IT was good. Short and to the point. Now I have one less excuse to not get writing.

I can’t forget that I have to work on my business to generate income so I can pay my bills so I can eat so I can write. I did participate in that today as well. Over time I will share business related topics and information but that, again, will be a separate topic thread.

Don’t judge this blog yet, I mean it’s only the first week of my first blog ever and I am learning. Over time I will make every effort to give you a reason to come back. In the mean time enjoy a funny picture